Thursday, February 4, 2010

Feature on Etsy Hound

My artwork is currently featured on Etsy Hound, scroll down the page and you'll see me :).   I also wanted to post some warm artwork from my trip to Tampa.  I'm in TN now with 20 something degree weather so looking at these make we wish for warmer days..

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tampa Art Festival

Well, it wasn't actually in Tampa, it was in Wesley Chapel which is basically a suburb of Tampa.  The art festival was pretty awesome, the weather was absolutely perfect.   Here's a photo of my booth :

I actually have a banner that says "Jennifer Simpson Art Photography" but this is my new jurying photo so I had to blur it out lol.  I was happy with the booth, it looked all golden :).This was my second out of state art show, my first this year, and I do believe I'm hooked lol.  I love the traveling aspect of it, staying in a hotel, the sense of adventure.  How fun!