Saturday, January 24, 2009

We FINALLY had some snow...

It was just a dusting of snow, you probably wouldn't even call it snow if you lived up North lol. It was fluffy and beautiful and inspiring though. I worked that day at Cato (my day job now), came home and took no less than 85 photos . Here are a few of them :

I only have one in my Etsy shop at the moment but I'll be putting the other ones up as I go along this week. The ironic part is that I'd decided to totally launch into spring with my shop photos lol. We just never get snow though so I wanted to get these in there while it's still winter :).

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Are you on Facebook?

Do you love it? It's such a great waster of time lol. I was just on there doodling around and I thought - hey, I really should be posting on my sadly neglected blog. I just put a bunch of photos of my kids and Richard if you want to go have a looksee :) ... Jen's Facebook Page I'm always so curious about people I meet online and what they look like. I think everyone has a mental picture of the people they interact with here.

I drove about an hour to Knoxville today, I picked up a canvas that I'm entering in the Dogwood Arts Festival competition. If it wins it will represent the whole festival in their posters and things. There will be an exhibition of all the artwork chosen and the public will pick the representative art. The winner will get $2000 as well as the status of their artwork being on limited edition posters, etc of the festival. It's a big deal to win it as far as getting your name out there. I'm totally hoping I'll win! This is my entry :

It's actually all beautiful and glowy in person, it looks almost zen-like for lack of a better word lol. I'm doing it on a 30"x30" gallery wrapped canvas so it will be really big!

Hope everyone is enjoying the new year and not freezing their butts off! It's 6 degrees right now here and for TN that's pretty extreme cold ..brrrrrrr.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I'm so glad the new year is here! Did everyone make resolutions? I don't really call them resolutions, more like goals for the year I suppose. I have way to many to put them on my blog but here's the condensed version:

  • Do a painting every week
  • Be more assertive about your needs
  • Make a daily list the night before of things to accomplish the next day
  • Keep better records of art sales
  • Do a photo a day (at least one)
  • Offer gift certificates and matting in your Etsy shop
  • Open a vintage shop on Etsy
  • Fine more venues to sell your artwork online and locally
  • Keep up with your Etsy teams requirements (Etsy Bloggers Street Team & Design Style Guide)
Plus a cazillion house goals - pull up the disgusting purple carpet downstairs, do stained concrete floors, install concrete counter tops, paint downstairs, paint the hallway upstairs, etc etc etc. THAT list is pretty endless lol.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and the new year makes all your dreams a reality.