Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Rainy Sunday Morning...

'Fade to Gray'

We had a full house this weekend - Chloe (my 17 year old who we always have), Erik (Richard's 16 yr old son who we have every other weekend or so), and Mia ( my 15 year old who lives with her Dad and who is supposed to come every weekend but has been sporadic about it this summer), + Chloe's assorted friends and boyfriend who was in and out. Chloe and her boyfriend Nicky apparently have gotten a puppy, well, Nicky got a puppy and Chloe's taking care of it a lot I should say. It's adorably cute but not something we want at our house because our Golden Retriever is getting ready to have puppies next week. Then we're getting both our dogs spayed because this was an unplanned pregnancy. Sesame , the Golden Retriever , is just a little over a year old and has only went into heat once. We let her out for like 30 seconds to go to the bathroom and a German Shepard that had been hanging around immediately jumped her and had his way with her. She is undeniably, hugely pregnant right now. I know she'll be glad to get it over with, she has absolutely no energy right now. Richard took her to the vet Friday morning and got her some prenatal vitamins which will hopefully help.

'Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head'

I must go and make a big Sunday breakfast now, everybody's starting to get up. It's an awesome rainy Sunday here in TN, what a great day for sleeping in :). I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend !

'Rainy Day Feeling'


Eithiriel said...

Wow, what a beautiful entry. You never cease to amaze me.

Everyday Moments said...

Thank you :). If I could only update more often :).