Saturday, March 7, 2009

A new month is here :)

Soooo. I didn't win the Dogwood Arts competion. Phil Savage's Woodruff's won - he had an awesome photo. I am however exhibiting this month at Three Flights Up. We had the opening last night and it was pretty awesome. I got to meet a lot of interesting people and sell a little bit of art :). I love opening night of an exhibit, it's so fun to just mingle and talk to people about what you do. Getting ready for an exhibit - well , that's a whole other story LOL. It's stressful trying to make it all come together with a deadline. But then you go to the opening and it's all worth it :). I'm doing canvas for the exhibition, well pretty much everything I sell locally is on canvas now. I'm using a company in California - I send them the photographs, they print them on artist grade canvas and then ship them to me rolled together in a tube. I then mount the canvas on stretcher strips and luann board and use transparent layers of paint to give them a distressed, nostalgic look. I really like the way they turn out. Here's what I'm exhibiting this month ( all these are 20"x20" ) :

I did these in a smaller size ( 10"x10" canvases) :


Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

How exciting! That is so interesting about how you are stretching your own canvas and layering with paint. I like the idea because as a buyer I think you'd feel like you were getting more than just a print. Wish I oculd see it in person - sounds cool.

Todd said...

thanks for the comment on my daisy photo!

your new stuff looks amazing and i'm very envious of how you get that old, vintage look.....great stuff!