Sunday, May 17, 2009

Went to the Farmer's Market Yesterday

I'm getting back to the summer routine of setting up at the Farmer's Market in Knoxville on Saturdays now. I think I'm pretty much clear as far as getting off from the day job on Saturdays. I might still have to go in around 5 and close the store afterwards but my mornings/afternoons should be free. Yesterday was such a great day! We have double the vendors this year, there's so many awesome things to see and buy :). I finally went and walked around toward the end of the day and left my booth to Mia (my daughter) and her boyfriend - I was in search of strawberries. They were already sold out though :(. However, I did get some awesome handmade soap (lemongrass....mmmm) and a pumpkin scone. I met some of the new vendors, some fellow Etsy sellers, and reconnected with some from last year's market. It was so fun. I had a jewelry artist in the tent right next to me named Kathy Davey and on the other side was Big Daddy of Big Daddy Lane and his wife. I hope I get in the same spot next week, it was a very pleasant place to be - I was next to the grassy area with several trees, I could here the water from the fountains nearby. I'm going to have to take my camera and take photos next week. We did have some rain, hopefully that will all be cleared out by then. My tent is a lot better this year too.....Richard made an awesome banner for me and I'm taking credit cards this year. The amazing thing is that every single sale I made yesterday was on credit cards. I think it's going to make a huge difference this summer with how much I bring home on Saturdays!

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