Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thank you Chattanooga for the warm reception :)


So Chattanooga was awesome, I'm definitely going back this week. I'll probably make it regular Sunday thing now :). All the market goers were very friendly as were the other vendors (with the possible exception of one who will go nameless lol - backhanded compliments anyone?). But it was a great day, I met so many people. I also felt good because a lot of my customers told me their stories and explained what the particular photograph they bought meant to them. That it reminded them of something from their childhood or something that recently happened to them or their wedding day...there were a lot of little stories exchanged in conversation. I love that I can give people something they can hold onto that corresponds with something special in their life or from their past, it's that emotional connection to my work that makes it all worthwhile for me. I truly truly truly think it's important that we don't forget those parts of ourselves that believed in the magic of blowing dandelion seeds, or making wishes, or just laying in grass looking up at the clouds in amazement and awe. I think we get so caught up in our day to day rushing around or our immediate problems that we sometimes forget that all of that is still out there just waiting for us to notice it and believe in it. So when you go outside today, don't forget to look up - at the clouds, or at the birds sitting in a neat row on the wire on your way home from work, or just notice the happy little dandelions popping up in your yard (or your neighbor's yard if you don't like them in your own lol). It will make you feel lighter and happier inside :).

I'll also be at the Knoxville Market on Saturday - I hope to see everybody there!

The Seduction of Clouds (not in my shop at the moment)


Ed said...

Hey Jen, welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, I've only been doing this since last december and have a blast doing it.

-brittany- said...

Hi Jennifer! I love your work! I did not make it by your booth on Sunday, but my husband did and brought me ont of your cards.

My favorite part of your blog besides your work (of course) is the daily calender!!!

Will be back at The Market during the Peach Festival so I will have to come by and say hello!

Everyday Moments said...

Hi Ed, it was great meeting you at the market on Saturday :) - I LOVE your work. Hope to see you there again this season.

Hi Brittany! Thank you so much, I love your blog - absolutely beautiful baby:). I'll be at the Peach Market on Sunday, I look forward to seeing you there :). Make sure you tell me who you are!