Sunday, January 2, 2011

My New Website's Looking Pretty Fab!

I've gotten a lot of new items up - my main focus is on my canvases but I also decided to add prints as well so there will be price points ranging from $10 - $700.  It's still a work in progress -  I'm adding more to the FAQ's, creating a wholesale/licensing section.  I'm also considering having a layaway option for any order over $200.  I'm going to have to think on that one some more before I decide.  I will also be adding note card sets in January.

I have to say I'm loving Big Cartel way more than Etsy ... I love the option of making it look like your own. Although I've had to learn a little HTML & CSS to do it, it's been an adventure.  I think I've pretty much combed through every forum that's ever mentioned Big Cartel customization in the past week LOL.

Here are a few items from my "Under $40" section :

Happy New Year Everyone!


TNTinNC said...

my boyfriend bought me one of your pieces for Christmas that I had been dreaming of owning for months! It looks amazing in our room! Loving your website and looking forward to picking up some more of your pieces :) Happy Belated Holidays!

Jennifer Simpson said...

So glad he got it:) Did he get it at Atelier 24? I think of my photographs as little 'happy places''s good to have a happy place that speaks to you on your wall. Well, not literally speaks because that would be weird but you know what I mean LOL! Hope your holidays were happy as well and the new year brings us both everything we want :).