Friday, May 6, 2011

Start of market season tomorrow!

So after traveling from Florida (several times) to New Jersey and all points in between last year doing art shows, I've decided to keep it local this year and go back to wonderful Market Square in Knoxville :).   Last year was fun and an adventure but after several months I really got burned out on the whole traveling thing.  The cost of gas this year also contributed to my decision to stay local.

So, I'll be in my booth tomorrow with art blocks and mixed media art on wood.  I'm  going to be introducing a new series in an 8x10 print format in the next couple of weeks (not tomorrow but definitely this month) as well.

I'll  be having an inventory reduction sale on my remaining 12x12's tomorrow!  They've sold well the past 4 years but I'm planning on phasing them out in favor of 8x10's.  So there will definitely be bargains to be had tomorrow if you'd like to scoop up some 12x12's before they're all gone.

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