Saturday, September 5, 2009

I bought an old Volvo station wagon

Yay! I'm so excited. I bought it from a fellow vendor at the Knoxville market named Dave (thank you Dave!). I can actually take all my stuff now and fit it in. In the Maxima, I had to lay the front seat down and my tent went from the front seat all the way to the back seat and all my art, etc was crammed on top of it. Nobody could ever ride with me ever. Now I have a whole empty seat next to me which is just lovely. Here's a photo of my beautiful car :) :

We had just finished washing and waxing it. Red's not my color, but I have some big plans as far as paint, etc. This is my blank canvas lol. I'll have to post photos as I do things to it. I really want to take some photos of my booth and put them on here too. My daughter Mia is going with me to the Chattanooga Market tomorrow - it will be her first time. I actually have a free front seat now. Yay! That's a picture of Mia, she'll be 17 in a month, she's my baby, my youngest :). So, I'll try to take some photos at the market tomorrow and get them posted.

I hope it's a great day :).


Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Congrats on the new, functional car! Hope you had fun with your daughter - she's adorable!

wcsverige said...

I was skimming the internet and saw this post, I have an 89' Volvo wagon, and these old Volvo's are tanks. Mine has 556k on it, and it runs like a champ, I plan to drive it for the rest of my life, have fun with your car!

Anonymous said...

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