Sunday, April 6, 2008

Changed the look of my blog....

So, I've changed my blog look. I may put my banner back up, I'm not sure. I like the dots though. My slogan is "Happy Photography" and this looks happy to me :). I've been thinking about different things to put on my blog instead of just promoting my website and talking a little about my day to day things. I'm thinking about writing about some other fabulous creative people at Etsy, particularly jewelry artisans or those who make body care produce i.e. soap, etc. Those are the shops that my "Favorites" list at Etsy are full of. I've had a good weekend, I sold one of my new photographs :

This made me over the top happy of course. It's so encouraging when that happens :). So it's gone to the print shop now, I uploaded it Saturday night and I should have it back by tommorrow or the next day. I'm really looking forward to packaging it with a little note and mailing it. Hmmm, maybe I should get some little cards printed with one of my photos on them to do that. I think I'll look into that today. I'm busy looking for other online markets where my art will sell, I sent emails to 2 of them this morning. I'm really going to make an effort to keep up with my blogs, etc also. I've not visited my indiepublic page in forever! I'm so ashamed :(. We've had a really rainy weekend here in southeast TN, so I did a 'Rainy' series of art yesterday. Here's what I listed:

These are a little different than some of my others, I think it's good to be versatile :). I really like these, probably becauses rain is one of my favorite things (unless I'm driving in it lol).

So, it's the weekend. We were supposed to go to some kind of cookout but it didn't pan out. I'm glad, it gives me more time to stay home and get things like updating my blogs done :). Our naughty puppies are outside which means no peeing in the house by our newest one (Velvet). She seems to be a verrrrry sloooow learner. It's a little frustrating. Although we had some issues training Sesame too. They're all behind us now though, how quickly we forget lol. I made breakfast for everybody this morning...sausage, eggs,, and toast. We had some sliced mango with it yesterday morning, it was yummy. It's good to be home :).


2sweetnsaxy said...

Nice shots. I don't know why the last one really appeals to me. I love the rain and water photos also.

ThePeachTree said...

Your blog looks fantastic! And your work breathtaking :)

Everyday Moments said...

Thank you 2sweet, and , Peachtree, you know I love you for your awesome interview. My sister even sent people links to it lol. You did a SUPER job :).

Anonymous said...

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