Monday, April 14, 2008

Changed my Blog again LOL

Sooo, wasn't feeling the dots anymore, decided to go with a simple white with a new header. I luv my header though, I used the artwork that I had done recently for it. I'm thinking about changing my Etsy header to this one know, keep everything coordinated. I'll just change the lettering on it a little. I had a good weekend, got some new art done. I meant to post to my blog but didn't get around to it. I have to go into work here in a second....2 hours of training I've already had and 2 hours of driving (there and back ) for it. Annoyance. Oh well, life's like that :). I have some new art to put up when I get home today. I saw I have some comments on my last post too, I'm going to answer today, I promise! I'm behind on all correspondence at the moment. I have no excuses.

Richard cooked an an especially yummy meal in the crockpot this weekend, meat and potatoes, green peppers, lots of veggies all mixed together. It was pretty awesome. Crockpots are wonderful inventions. Gotta go to work now. I'll post new art when I get back and possibly some other things. I have tomorrow off so I'll get it all organized here.

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