Thursday, February 7, 2008

Crafty Thoughts

I've been brain-storming most of the day, deciding what direction I want to go in to bring some lower priced items into my store. The idea I wanted to do originally were magnets made with glass tiles. I have tons of old books and materials I could use to make them with. I still want to do that but I started thinking about using old record album covers today. It seems like there are a lot of things you could do with them. I LOVE going to Goodwill and going through their records. They're a slice of pop culture from the past. So I started thinking photoalbums or sketchbooks made from old record albums. I have an idea as far as how I want to do it. And I thought about journals made by taking the pages out of old books and putting in fresh paper and binding it maybe using some kind of grommets or something. There's a lot of cool old bookcovers that would be perfect for it. Tune in to see what comes out next lol.

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