Sunday, February 24, 2008

Creative Sunday

I'm trying to spend my Sunday updating my Etsy listings. I uploaded two new pieces of digital art today. One of them is 'Cross that Bridge When You Come to it' (long title lol). It's in 12x12 and it's an introspective piece. I really like the way the camera caught the sunshine coming over the bridge and the reflection of the trees in the water below. It's available for purchase at my Etsy store, just click a link to the right and it will take you right in there. My other new item is called 'Winter Sun', a lot of dreamy light blues and beautiful contrasts. I like this one, the colors make me happy :).
It's also available, along with my other pieces of art, in my Etsy store at
I discovered today that there is an Etsy Bloggers Street Team. I'm going to try to join so I'm going to be updating my blog to reflect the criteria that they have listed. I'm off work for the next 2 days YAY! so it will be a perfect time to get things updated. My income tax should be here by tomorrow or the next day...I have a whole list of Etsy items that I want/need/havetohave. They're in my shopping cart ready to be purchased the second the money shows up in my account. I'm so excited! I hope it gets here asap because the things in my cart are getting bought by other people and most of them are one of a kind. Once they're gone, they're gone. Etsy has the most awesome stuff :).

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