Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Series of Springtime Art

I'm adding 3 new pieces of art to my Etsy Store today. One I uploaded this morning and I'm uploading the other two this evening. Somehow I scored 2 (yes 2!) days off in a row. I was so excited :). So I've cleaned a little house, cleared out the messiest closet we have and planned some new artwork.
I'm calling these the springtime series. They're light and airy, very cheerful.
I think they're the perfect anecdote to the winter weather we've been having. I'm in TN so we're mostly having clouds and cold rain but I saw that you guys in Ohio and Chicago are getting a lot of snow. I think it's the same front...we actually have a chance of snow from it tomorrow.

I'm back to work tomorrow unless we get that snow and schools are shut down. I can't really complain though because the schools were closed last week due to the flu. Work was cancelled on Thursday and Friday for me since the schools I was going to be working at were closed. So that on top of Monday and Tuesday off due to my work schedule, well, I can't really complain about going back tomorrow lol.

I'm looking forward to getting some frames for these and putting them on my wall. I'm planning to upload some photos in my Etsy shop of my artwork framed and matted just so anyone who's interested in buying can get an idea of what they'll look like on the wall. I'm also lowering my prices....the 12x12 size of these prints look really awesome hanging in multiples of 3 so lowering the prices will make them more affordable if anyone wants to buy the whole series.


Little Lovables said...

ooo, I love your work!!!

MyArtInProgress said...

I love these! Great work.