Thursday, June 12, 2008

Got to get back on track with my blogging...

'Fresh and Warm'

So the glow has worn off from the exhibition, coming back to earth now :). But that's ok, I had 2 sales on Etsy yesterday which made me really happy. My first international sale....just to Canada but that's still outside the US lol. Richard, my boyfriend, is doing a photo shoot this morning with a young up and coming singer. They're in the other room right now getting ready to go. Richard wants me to do the actual photography but I don't want to. I really really really hate doing portrait photography. I think doing it for that year at the photography company before I took my leap of faith (lol) just left a really bad taste in my mouth. I just don't like working under pressure like that. I don't function well that way. I go into panic mode!!!! I hate that feeling. Photographing the sky never makes you feel that way, photographing flowers and signs and puddles never make you feel that way. That's my life now. I may want to go back to portrait photography at some future point but I have to have way more distance from my previous job to do that. I think Richard's not very happy with me not wanting to do this but I've not really explained to him my reasons why. He just looks as it as me having training and him not having training. But he's got to learn if he's going to take jobs like this and put himself out there. I certainly haven't told him that I want to put myself out there like that. Me and portrait photography are not friends, I know this.

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