Friday, June 6, 2008

What's up with me not Posting?

'Contemplating Beauty'

Sheesh, I was SO on top of it for awhile. Organize and Focus Jennifer, focus focus focus. I think I've been preoccupied with my gallery showing tonight. I'm so excited about getting dressed up and going out. And seeing my photography displayed in a gallery setting, that is soo exciting. Richard, my s.o. has said I'm having my de-butt tonight , LOL. That's his semi-dirty way of saying debut. I'm going to be de-butted. He always makes me laugh. He's such an awesome guy. So anyway, I'm soooooo excited about that. My sales in my Etsy shop have been pretty consistent lately - I've been selling 1 or 2 photographs every 3 days or so. Of course I would like for it to be more than that but it's certainly better than the 2 week dry spell I had last month where I sold absolutely nothing. That really sucked. If I could get up about 10 sales a week, that would be excellent. Maybe by the end of summer. My child support will be stopping in September too, I'm sure I'll be doing great by then- I'm counting on it.

'She Always Had to be the Center of Attention'

I've been setting a shop at DaWanda as you can tell by the widget there at the left =). Not to replace Etsy of course, Etsy rocks. But it will increase my chances of having a sale so I'm all for it. DaWanda is a site based in Germany, they have it in English, French, and German. I'm on their UK site. It's basically a European Etsy....just handcrafted things. It will give me the opportunity to market to international buyers which will be just excellent. I have that on Etsy too, but this will be pretty much be exclusively international rather than the occasional buyer from Canada or whatever lol.


Sooo... just wanted to pop in and say hi. I've scattered my new photographs through out the post, feel free to click on them and go browse around my shop =). I'll let you know how my debutt goes tomorrow.



Sandra said...

Your photographs are wonderful! And good luck with your gallery opening!

Everyday Moments said...

Thank you Sandra! It went really well =).