Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ok, so I lied


LOL. I said I was going to do a decent post on Sunday and here it is Tuesday and I'm just now getting to it. That's sooo sad. I've decided to set up a shop on DaWanda which is basically a European version of Etsy. It's not associated with Etsy in any way but it sells a lot of handcrafted indie stuff like Etsy. I just have to list everything in euros and centimeters - it's quite fun actually. I know I've said it before but I love my job! It makes me very happy :) :) :). I was so not happy at my last job. Working from home is an excellent fit for me.

'Sunshine on my Shoulders'

We got some gas for our grill finally so we've been grilling like madmen the last couple of days. Do madmen grill? Hmmm, I'll have to ponder that one. I have some chicken breasts marinating in lime juice, olive oil and various other seasonings - they should be awesome.
My bf gave our doggies baths yesterday. I'm looking at them outside my window right now laying in the dirt LOL. Oh well. We rearranged furniture in our living room the day before yesterday too. I'm sooo happy with it. Except that I moved our big bookcases and then remembered that I painted around them instead of behind them. That's so funny. So I'm really needing to paint now. I'm so bad about half-ass doing something as far as my house goes. Not with my business however, just my house. Cleaning, painting, you name it. I'll halfway do it thinking I'll get back to it tomorrow (or in a minute) but then I never get back to it. Then I look around my house wondering how half my rooms are half painted LOL. I have such big plans for my house though. We're going to be here for a long time. Especially since Richard and I are both working from home now. We would be working in Knoxville if we weren't and the commute (about an hour one way) was our only draw back to this house (yes, even with all the plumbing issues lol). Now the commute is a non issue and we're actually using one car now too. It was kind of by default since one of them broke, but it's working out great for us. We are feeling like we are contributing to the health of our planet by not driving every day :).

'Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head'

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