Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Not much snow...

We just got a dusting of snow, no long weekend lol. And now we have spring apparently, yay. Snow is nice but I'm ready for spring to come. We got a new puppy this weekend though! A 6 month old chocolate lab that was on her way to the pound. We named her Velvet. She and our 6 month old golden retriever (Sesame) have become instant bff's. They're both girls and they play together amazingly well. I'm watching my boyfriend in the backyard playing with both of them as I write this :). It was his idea, a friend of his needed to give her away. She's really beautiful, she has deep brown fur and light brown eyes.

I also did a painting this weekend, it turned out awesomely well. Well, I love it anyway :). I need to take a picture of it and put it on Etsy (and on here). It's called Sunshiney Happiness. It's actually based on a doodle that I did a couple of weeks ago. I just redrew it on canvas and painted it with acrylics. I have a whole series planned based around the same concept. It's going to be the Happiness series.

So I'm reading "The Secret" right now. I'm probably the only person left in the USA that's not read it yet. It has so many good concepts in it. I'm really trying to align myself with the universe (as it directs) so I can make all my dreams come true. So far, so seems to be working :).

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