Friday, March 7, 2008

Snowed in Weekend ?!

They're predicting snow for us this weekend :). Even though I'm feeling really spring timey we've not had a good snow yet this winter. PLUS, I'm supposed to go to Ky Monday to work and if school's out, then my job's cancelled. They're supposed to get even more snow than us so maybe it will be a long weekend!

I finished early today at work and had some time to kill before I picked the munchkins up from their respective step families, that didn't sound good lol. From their hmmm, other blended families other than our little blended family. And the munchkins are actually teenage munchkins lol. ANYWAY, I had some time to kill and there's a Hobby Lobby close to my office so I stocked up on creative supplies. Some things to make some cool magnets with and some acrylics to start my first painting in forever with. I used to paint when I was younger but with oils. I'm going to be going for a different sort of painting now and I think acrylics will be awesome for it. I'm pretty excited. I have canvases here already because I bought them for Mia, my youngest, over 2 years ago and she's not touched them. So I'm just going to take them back lol. So here's to a creative weekend.

*special "HI!" to Jane and Alan my bff's at work. They went to my Etsy site and they may never find their way over here to my blog, but if they do 'hi' :).

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