Saturday, March 22, 2008

Some New Photography

I have new art in my Etsy shop that I added this week. There are 3 totally new pieces and some that I've relisted. The relisted ones are my little gnome prints which I absolutely love but no one else seems to lol. No one has given them any hearts on Etsy. They have beautiful yellow daffodils in them and I think they're just fun. The new ones are a mixed bag, 2 signs and a pathway. Here are the brand new ones first :

"No Use Crying Over Spilled Coffee" :)

"Retro Restaurant"

"Walk With Me"

"Who Needs Cracker Barrel"

These are my fun gnome prints.

Cracker Barrel is a popular chain of restaurants in the southern United States for those of you who are unfamiliar with what 'Cracker Barrel' might mean :).

"Don't Forget Your Workout"

"Watch Your Toes!"

So those are all my recent additions. We're having beautiful weather today though and we're having some major budding happening so I'm going out to take a bunch of new photographs. They're going to be very pretty. I've also got some new canvas to do a couple of original paintings on. I'm really looking forward to doing those :). See you soon!

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