Monday, May 12, 2008

Busy Weekend

"Spring Sprinkles"

What a crammed full last couple of days. First my sister's graduation on Friday (as relayed in an earlier post), then Sunday I went back to my mom's for Mother's Day and then to Richard's parents to pick him up. Oh, that's because we have only one car now lol. We had three cars last year and one of them (mine) got a cracked block which we couldn't afford to fix so we left it at the repair shop and just never picked it up (the bill was like $2000 or something outrageous). We eventually just signed the title over to them since we couldn't/wouldn't pay it. So my car was gone and we just had Richard's car. We were both driving to Knoxville to work so we bought my dad's old toyota which has (and I'm not lying) 450,000 miles on. It has the original engine - we call it the "super car", it's amazing. Well, it broke down the Thursday before I turned in my resignation at work. It actually contributed to me taking that step because I can't drive in to Knoxville everyday (where my office was) and take our only car. Richard might need it during the day to deliver some artwork film or run to Knoxville to check on things or whatever (he's been working from home for the last several months). He usually needs it at the spur of the moment. So now we have one car left, Richard's car. The little Toyota, I don't think we're going to attempt to fix it. After 450,000 miles we're thinking it was just it's time to go. lol. But Richard borrowed his dad's truck and we've had it for the last several days. Yesterday, however, he took his dad his truck back so I had to go pick him up from his parents. Mother's Day is one of those holidays that we've decided the divide and conquer method is best. Instead of trying to go to my parents in Sevierville and then his parents in Knoxville, and not being able to spend quality time at either we just go to our separate families. It keeps things less stressful. So now we're back down to one car since we don't have the truck anymore. It's our contribution to the earth, working from home and only driving one car. Our belated Earth Day celebration :).

ANYWHO, didn't mean to stray so far from the topic at hand. So I had Mother's Day at my mom's yesterday. Allison and Olivia were there, Allison drove back to Nashville soon after I got there. I just had a quick bite to eat and we opened the Mother's Day presents/cards and I left soon after. I think mom and dad were ready for a break after having so many people this weekend for Olivia's party ,etc.

Our yard is finally mowed! Yea! Richard borrowed his dad's riding lawn mower Saturday and got it done. One of the little baby robins fell out of it's nest on Saturday too. Richard found it while he was mowing. There was a big black snake eyeing it in the tall grass, deciding whether to attempt to eat it or not. The snake slithered away into the woods and we brought the baby in and put it in a box with some mowed grass. We put the box on our little deck that's up high off the ground. It's actually close to the tree it fell out of so the mom has been feeding it just like she would if it were in the nest. I'm so glad. It's so cute. I took a bunch of photos of it, I haven't done anything with them yet though. I'll post one tomorrow after I resize them.

I sold 4 photographs this weekend! One Friday and then 3 last night. I was sooo excited! I also ordered some super cute earrings. I'll post pictures of them when I get them. I love Etsy. There are so many talented people on there :).

All the photos with this post (and other posts of course ) can be purchased at Etsy, whether they're mine or someone else's . I'm putting links to all my photos now that will take you directly to the listing when you click on it. I should go back and do it with all the photos on previous posts, I may do that (or maybe not lol, it would take awhile) But you know you can always go into my Etsy store from the widget on the left there. I'm just making a direct route in case you see something you would like for your bare walls :).



"Spring Glow"

"The Hot July Moon Saw Everything"

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Cybasumo said...

sorry about your car, and your brother's, and nice photos you got here today, i love the pony ride!