Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday Morning


Happy Memorial Day everyone! Is anybody planning on a road trip today? I wish gas wasn't so high :(. Totally ridiculous. We're at $3.80 for regular here in small town usa so I know it's higher than that in other parts of the country. We're just going to my mom's today, a 45 minute drive. We've had some craziness this weekend. We got up to find the kitchen flooded Saturday morning and it turns out that everytime somebody takes a shower (upstairs) or runs the washing machine (downstairs) the whole kitchen/laundry room/downstairs bathroom floods. So we're having to have a plumber come out today and look at it. Luckily Richard's friend Bones is a plumber so he's going to do it as a trade for some breakfast. Hopefully it's nothing huge like the septic tank needing to be dug up. I don't think Bones and Richard could fix that on their own.

I was surfing around yesterday and came across some awesome quotes, comments, blogs. Something I want to write down and remember somewhere, maybe on my Focus Board above my desk, is this :

You are exactly where you need to be.
You are not missing out, falling behind, doing it wrong,
not trying hard enough.
You are doing more than enough.
Whatever opinions you have about it,
however imperfect
This is yours.
Where you are right now.
Sitting here surfing the internet even.
Is perfect.


Wow, what a revelation. I very often feel I'm doing something wrong, running behind, not doing enough. But maybe just maybe I'm not. Maybe I'm OK and everything is right where it needs to be. Think about how life altering that is.

This quote is from the amazing blog called "Superhero Journal". This is a beautifully written blog and it makes you think. I found so much insight there yesterday.


I haven't put any of my new artwork up lately so I'm going to scatter them throughout my post today :). I hope it inspires or relaxes or helps you appreciate the little things :).

'Tomatoes and Inspiration'

'Waiting to be Feathered'

'Morning Dew'

'Ready for Summer'


ThePeachTree said...

another excellently inspiring post :)

Alex said...
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Alex said...

I really like the frames you use. Ever tried to built your own pinhole camera? Could be fun for you if you like this 'style'!