Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our Little Fallen Bird


So I said I would put photos up of our little baby robin that fell out of her nest. They're here. I'm actually selling these in my shop. I'm such an opportunist lol. I'm not making light of the baby's misfortune though, I'm immortalizing her through the magic of photography. And she (or he lol) is alive and well and being brought grubby morsels by her mom in her box on our deck.


I have some really exciting news! I got a call yesterday from an art gallery in Knoxville called 3 Flights Up ~ they're going to exhibit my work next month! OMG, this is huge, totally awesome. I'm soooo excited. I had sent them an email a couple of months ago with some examples of my photographs but I hadn't heard anything back from them. I just sort of wrote it off as 'oh well', I guess that's not happening. But they just called out of the blue yesterday. There's going to be a reception with invitations sent and everything. I think it's the first Friday of next month, the 6th, possibly. That gives me a decent amount of time to get frames and art, etc. together.

3 Flights Up, where I'm going to be exhibiting next month :).

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ThePeachTree said...

Poor little baby! Great shots Miss Opportunist :) How is the wee little thing doing now?