Thursday, May 15, 2008

I skipped a day :(

Oh, naughty girl. I was doing so good too. Well, back on track now. I'm still excited about my gallery showing, I need to stay focused on my Etsy shop though. I feel like I have all these local things happening now and it's pulling me away from focusing on the day to day Etsy. I'm planning on setting up a booth at the farmer's market/craft market at Market Square this coming month, I've not heard anything back from them yet though. That will be interesting having my art exhibited at the gallery 2 streets over from the farmer's market and then selling at a booth there too. I'm planning on making a lot of money next month :) :) :). How exciting. You know, you can make anything happen in your life if you just focus and believe in yourself. Act like you already are making the money you want, have the life you want, and your life will magically rearrange itself and make sure that you start having that life for real. Just FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS. Put what you want up on a memo board in front of you and look at it everyday. Write down the things you'll have and do when you have the life you want and read them everyday. Start doing them even though you aren't there yet! You'll get there faster then. Every single person can have the life they want if they do those things. But you have to believe it, it won't happen if you don't believe it. Read "The Secret", it spells it all out for you. It's a very interesting book even if you don't fully believe it. Richard (my bf) and I watched the dvd of it together and I read the book. He was all excited about it at first and totally believed it although now he says he believes it to a certain extent instead of 100%. I believe it 100%. I think it's only because I have the book version though. I can keep reading it through and reminding myself and putting things into practice. If you just watch the movie, it doesn't stay with you as long unless you watch it over and over. This is the book :

Apparently some people are dismissive of it's message but the basic precept involves focusing on the things you want. If you focus, the law of attraction (aka the universe) will bring those things to you. Whether it's the law of attraction or an impartial universe or whether it's just focusing on them helps you figure out ways to accomplish them doesn't really matter to me. What matters is that it works.

So, I didn't start out this blog to be an endorsement of 'The Secret' lol. I just think it's at best a life changing book and at least a presentation of some new ideas you might not of thought about before. At least I posted today :). I'm proud of me lol.

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Cybasumo said...

that's ok! i guess every people needs to skip from time to time, it's a way of permanently "going out" to something you usually doing.