Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rainy Days and Wednesdays...

Rainy Day Reflection'

Rainy days and Wednesdays....are beautiful. Especially when you get to go out in the rain and play with your camera :). I took a lot of photos this morning. About half way through, the camera fogged up which created some interesting effects. I love my job :) :) :) :).

'The Nature of Pink'

I have to have my artwork at the gallery in Knoxville this Saturday - I'm nervous about it all now that it's getting down to the wire. My first gallery exhibit! It's exciting but scary at the same time. I ordered all my photos 2 weeks ago, they got here and didn't work with the mats I had ordered. Silly me ordered them with a 1/4 inch border to make sure the edges of the photo weren't covered up by the mat (or matte-I'm never sure about the best spelling on that) and not only are the edges not covered, the border isn't covered. I shed tears over that this past weekend when they got here. So we had to reorder all of the photos, they should be here today, nothing like last minute is there? So I'll be frantically matting, framing, signing things for the next 2 days lol. It's ok, it's happy stress instead of stressful stress. Did that make sense?
'Magical Kingdom'
'Fade to Gray'

I don't have some of these in my shop yet, so they don't have links to them. I'll be putting them in this evening :). Have a happy day if it's raining at your house too :).



Just happened upon your blog! Love the photographs. I also love to get out there with my camera and take a lot of close-up flower photos, or whatever else in nature that captures my eye.


Cybasumo said...

Nice Photographs! i wanna see things like that when i woke up first day in the morning, too bad all i can see now are high rise buildings.