Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sad Day

Our little bird died yesterday. It turned out that it had something wrong with it's feet, whenever it hopped around, it was basically hopping on it's 'elbows' instead of it's feet. I guess that's a part of natural selection , that only the strong survive. It was still very sad though. I put it in a little box and we're going to put the box in the woods behind our house.

Another bad thing happened yesterday. Our chocolate lab puppy Velvet ran off when we took her out to the yard to use the bathroom. Richard followed after her but she wouldn't come to him. She actually turned around and looked at him but decided to do her own thing. She's not a little puppy, she's probably about 6 or 7 months old. So she wouldn't come and took off down the street with a german shepard that's been hanging around our yard lately. Well, she came back covered with blood. She had apparently been attacked by another dog or a group of dogs. Velvet is very high energy and assertive so we think she probably committed a breach of dog ettiquette and was dealt with by the other dogs.
We were really scared because there was so much blood, it was on the back patio and she was just laying there. Richard cleaned her up though and it wasn't as bad as we thought at first. She had a deep gash in her shoulder and several bites on her legs. We put her in her crate to let her sleep it off. She can't walk very well today but she is getting around some. She was so pitiful yesterday though. We hope this will make her a little more cautious and less strong willed.

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