Friday, May 9, 2008

A long day

"After the Storm"

My sister got her Bachelor's Degree from UT today and will be going for her Master's next. She's going to be a teacher. You go, Olivia! We went to her graduation today which meant a super early morning (up at 5 to leave the house at 6 and be at her house in Knoxville by 7). It reminded me of the bad old days at my former job and the ungodly hours I had to get up. 5 am was actually sleeping in when I worked there lol. Oh I miss it~ NOT.
So we had her graduation this morning and then we all went to mom's in Sevierville for a big to-do celebration. All of Liv's friends and her husband's family were there. My sister came in from Nashville. My mom cooked a ton of food, it was awesome. The weather was perfect and a good time was had by all.

I got home a few minutes ago and I'm posting in my blog! Is that dedication or what? You go Jennifer! Way to keep up with your blog posts! Wow, I'm actually blogging to myself, I MUST be tired. This is going to be mighty short, I just didn't want to get it all together blog wise and then lose it immediately. That would have been so sad lol.

"Evening Light"

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